Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trans-Faith Forum

"Hello and welcome!! Please see more below

The SANE (Skeptics and Atheist Network of ETSU) group is hosting our first ever Trans-Faith Forum!! Co-sponsoring the event are as follows: CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), the Catholic Center, the Dharma Community, MSA (Muslim Student Association) and the Philosophy Club.

The skinny: a panel of representatives from the listed groups will be answering questions from our moderator.

The thick:

The event is a panel of students representing themselves as members of different religious associations and speaking from the perspective of Islam, Buddhist, different types of Christianity, as well as non-theistic. Our moderator, the amazing Dr. Chris Dula, will be presenting our panel with questions for them to address. The forum is NOT a debate, but an introductory non-proselytizing Q&A where no one is set out to be shown right or wrong. The purpose is only to show different perspectives on questions that we, as people of any religious association, often ask ourselves or each other. Our goal is to promote mutual respect and understanding between people, no matter their faith or lack thereof. There will also be a time after the event for an audience Q&A where anyone attending can directly ask our speakers questions.

This event is FREE, and open to the public, APRIL 12TH, 6 PM. At the ETSU, Culp Center BALLROOM (top floor).

More information and details will follow:
If any group, organization, or company wishes to help advertise the event, we can list you as a supporter and include you in our credits for the event. If another student group wants to be involved feel free to contact me, Ben Luther or Bryce Watson

We're still waiting on confirmation for speakers, although each of these groups have signed on, but so far they are as follows.

CRU unsure as yet
RUF unsure as of yet
Catholic Center- Father Mike possibly
Dharma- unsure as of yet
MSA- Rana Zakaria
SANE- Benjamin Luther and Perry Winters

I'll adjust the info as it comes in.

Quote from Dula
"I'm honored to have been asked to be the Moderator for this unique and interesting event...the major goal is promotion of completely respectful education and communication across a wide variety of world views, from monotheistic, to polytheistic, to atheistic. The only requirement of audience members in an interest in the topic and a willingness to listen to all sides peacefully. Panel members don't claim to be authorities (though some clearly are), but rather will be representing themselves as individuals within various groups. Standardized questions have been prepared by a working group of members from these great organizations, and an audience Q&A will occur after the formal session. Hope you can join us!"

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