Monday, February 28, 2011

ETSU Dharma Community presents "Wandering Mind" (2011)

Our highlighted member of the week is Jon Shell. He attended an event hosted by the ETSU Dharma community with an open mind and came out with a thoughtful review. here is his review and is worth discussion. Take the time to read this and if you have a chance go to an event yourself to come to a rational conclusion.
We look forward to future events where more people can attend and have open minds to come to their own conclusions on these hot topics.

So I had the wonderful...well, I take that back.


I had the interesting experience of watching a presentation by the dharma community and another group at ETSU, shown in the ball hall auditoruim just an hour ago.

The movie started describing some guy who couldn't enjoy his life, and so he goes to practice zen buddhism to find some sort of meaning for himself.

There's a lot of vague nonsense in the presentation that often contradicts itself. Such as the "don't think" philosophy, and yet they are thinking all the time to prove that you shouldn't think.

Long story short, the conclusion the young man arrived at was that he wanted to find his "not self".

what the?

Maybe I'm too much of a practical utilitarian realist, but... I don't see the point behind it all."

This post doesn't reflect the views of the entire ETSU Atheist and Freethought Club of and is provided as is for your viewing pleasure. We neither endorse nor oppose the views of the ETSU Dharma Community or the people that attends their events.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 23rd Meeting

Meeting started at 5:42 pm.  Officers present: President Joseph Rasch, Vice President Perry Winters, and Secretary Sheree Jackson. 
  • A blog (this one) has been made for the group, to be utilized outside of the current Facebook page. 
  • Presentations will begin next week for the Public Health class, outlining how atheism/new atheism, theism, deism, agnosticism, polytheism, pantheism, animism and free thought are defined. 
  •  Email addresses were updated and/or added to the contact list. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Thanks to Sharee for keeping the minutes!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Atheism Presentation PowerPoint

Here is a link to the revised and updated PowerPoint presentation that some of our members will be presenting on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

First and Second Meetings

Feb. 9 - In our first meeting, we came up with ideas for the goals of the club and possible events for the club to take part in. These goals and ideas may be viewed here.  There were 10 attendees at this meeting.

Feb. 16 - In our second meeting, we further elaborated on ideas from the first meeting and elected a council of six members.  The council are listed in the sidebar information. We also made lists of volunteers for a presentation about atheism/agnosticism for Roger Blackwell's class.  The previous powerpoint used may be viewed here. There were 13 attendees at this meeting.

The next meeting is Feb. 23 in Rogers-Stout room 118 @ 5:30pm.