Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trans-Faith Forum Review:We Are At War in Iraq Because Iraq Is The Number One Producer of Asparagus

     This is one of our earliest reviews and it seems quite a good representation of what took place. Overall it was a well attended event with lots of grounds issues covered in such a short time. 

     This event should definitely lead the charge to further events where we can collaborate, debate, come up with new ideas to generally help our society. 

Be on the lookout for future awesome S.A.N.E. events!

Beware the Pure Spirit, Let the Flesh Instruct the Mind: We Are At War in Iraq Because Iraq Is The Number O...: "I had the pleasure of attending a Transfaith panel discussion last night here on ETSU’s campus. There was a great deal of interest in this forum discussion, the room was packed. I had wondered whether this type of discussion was going to be well received by students on campus. This topic and the ensuing discussion were important to all of those attending. I find it amusing that the organizers of this event were atheist and agnostics ETSU’s own S.A.N.E. These fine students have presented in my undergraduate class for the past couple of years. My students are always astonished when they come to present, that is, they are not expecting such down-to-earth, laid back fellow students. I think that in their minds, they are expecting to see goth/emo students all dressed in black and spewing forth flames and nihilism from their various body orifices. SANE folks are generally disarming in their appearance and presentation style........"

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