Saturday, June 11, 2011

S.A.N.E. at Cloister's Co-op Benefit Concert

The Cloister's Co-op Benefit Concert was held at the Next Door right next to the Acoustic Coffeehouse to help raise money to help open the co-op art gallery in downtown Johnson City. S.A.N.E. was privileged to be asked to have a table with our info available. Of course this was an opportunity not to be missed.

We had lots of information available as well as open discussion encouraged. I personally had several lovely discussions regarding atheism/agnosticism. We had several people show interest by signing up on our email list so we are steadily growing.

Overall it was respectful and fantastic to have the chance to build more community relationships. Be on the lookout for further events where we try to foster further respectful discussions on these important issues. Free speech is pinnacle to a rational society and we should be at the forefront at facilitating that speech.

Are you S.A.N.E.?

Joseph Rasch
(423) 218-2245

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