Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CFI Recognizes S.A.N.E. as an Affiliate!

We recently become recognized as an affiliate with the Center For Inquiry! A CFI intern contacted me personally to see if anyone was going to the 2011 Student Leadership Conference in Amherst, NY on June 23rd-26th. This awesome person also wanted to inform me that we had been a previous affiliate but just needed to update the information to make the affiliation fully active once more.

We now should have access to the various support channels and resources afforded to affiliates of the CFI. This should allow us to have many more events planned to really take this group forward. With both CFI and SSA along with our passionate members there is very little we cannot accomplish. As it stands we are really keeping a good vibe going within town and on campus so the best thing is to really keep this going.

As we grow internally and externally, I would encourage everyone to be as involved as they would like and the more the better. Even a few minutes a week will help take the entire group forward thus advancing the ideas of rationality, logic, and reasoning in the framework of respectful free speech.

Thanks for everything our members are doing and if anyone has ideas or wants help growing within the group just let me or anyone on the executive committee know. We will do our best to meet your needs as well as do our best to help you grow however you best see fit. The more we can help each other while growing our membership the better we stand at having a meaningful discussion with our community and our campus. Thanks!

Joseph Rasch

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