Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hands On! Museum Adventure

Several members of the group went excitedly to the Hands On! museum in downtown Johnson City on a chilly May the 18th. The adventure that took place was well worth recording. For about $8.00 you can have a great time in a science filled setting. It is filled with science exhibits that make science fun and educational.

We ended up having about six members show up that traversed every inch of that wonderful place. We checked out everything from the ideas behind coal mining to checking out how a faux bank and faux grocery store. They had everything from the inner&outer workings of a vehicle to a scale to educate the average person on how to budget money. They even had a dark room comprised of wall plates comprised of a phosphorescent composite that when flashed with the light source, every fifteen seconds, would temporarily store your silhouette and was quite fun. The bubbles in the basement section were fairly difficult to manage but fun. The highlights of our adventure were the large scale replica of an ark and a huge self-standing pin art piece.

The pin art was molded carefully molded into an awesome image of Abraham Lincoln trapped in carbonite. The resemblance was uncanny and displayed how a toy can be turned into an even greater learning tool. Granted after going through the museum a bit more the image was disheveled by the other museum-goers but it was fun while it lasted. The sidebar image is of the awesome artwork created.

The ark was a huge replica of what the actual ark was supposed to look like. Of all the exhibits we enjoyed this is by far the one we ended up going through the most. We went through to get a smirk several times and looking back we should have taken a picture or two. The quarters for the animals were cramped and easily didn't have every species possible. The interesting item to note is that they only had one of the various species and not two of each one as the Bible claims.

Overall it was a great time had by all in attendance. I imagine we shall have several more similar event this summer. Next up on the agenda of science events is to visit Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium for our summer of science and reasoning.

For anyone interested in this or future events check out our Facebook group page as well as messaging our group at We will respond as quickly as we can and look forward to future events.

Joseph Rasch

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